Cayuse Tech Names 2011 ‘Core Value’ Winners

January 2012, CUJ.

Submitted by Cayuse Technologies.

MISSION - Cayuse Technologies is proud to announce the annual Core Values winners for 2011. Our Core Values were created by the employees hired in the first six months of operations and remain our guiding principles in how we treat each other, how we behave within our communities, and how we relate to our clients and the public.

The core values and winners are listed below:

Work Ethic

“We are proud of our dedication to professionalism and we hold ourselves accountable in all our actions. Our actions reflect positively on ourselves, Cayuse Technologies and the communities we serve.”

Twenty-seven people were nominated for this award. The winner is Jennifer Smith. More than one person nominated her saying the following: “Jennifer truly attempts to live the Cayuse Core Values. To me the most important part of this value is living up to all the other values. Jennifer is never late to work. She comes in early for her scheduled shift every day. She strives to achieve professionalism in every interaction often asking for feedback seeking to improve her current skills. She maintains compliance with all policies, procedures, regulations and laws to the best of her ability and knowledge. She constantly and continuously shows respect for the individual. She has on more than one occasion gone out of her way to make certain that the channels of communication remained open during difficult situations. She is a hard worker with a proven track record of producing quality work. She often volunteers to help when others are overloaded or under skilled. She not only believes that the well- being of fellow employees is important, she lives that belief. Rarely have I seen an employee more emotionally invested in the well-being of her co-workers and willing to go that ‘extra miles’ to ‘be there’ for someone in need. Jen’s determination to make ‘her little corner of Cayuse’ a better place to work has been an inspiration not only to me, but also too many of the new employees that are just being introduced to Cayuse.”


“Our Quality is a reflection of our proud heritage of integrity, preparation and persistence.”

Twenty-three people were nominated for this award. The winner is Stephanie Jensen. Here is what her nominators said about her:“

Always has very high quality work; always follows requests fully. Stephanie is willing to do what has to be done to meet the client’s needs. Always willing to help another, when team members are out she’s willing to cover their shifts. Stephanie puts quality and time into her work even if it means staying late or arriving early. She maintains high standards for herself and her work.”

Harmonious Heart

“We are LOYAL, HONEST and MIGHTY! We are a responsible workforce that achieves its goals and perseveres regardless of the challenge. We are passionate in what we do.”

Twenty-three people were nominated for this value. The winner is Justin Farrow. Here is what people said about Justin:

“He always goes out of his way to make people happy. If someone looks lonely he will befriend them. He also volunteers for many things and is always happy. He shows a lot of energy and how to be passionate to others in working within the Community Outreach Committee and the events that are represented by Cayuse to show how strong we are together positively and goes beyond to help others.”


“We are a close-knit team of fiercely committed professionals working together to achieve the common goals of client and personal satisfaction.”

Twenty-six people were nominated for this core value. The winner is Rhonda Ingram. Here is what her nominators said about her:

“Rhonda has always gone above and beyond to help her teammates and now that she is our Senior Agent she is even coming in on weekends to help our newest team members with whatever they are struggling with. She is always ready with a kind work of encouragement or an ‘atta boy’ and even if she has to coach you on an error she still makes it a positive experience. She watches to make sure everyone has or gets what they need to feel comfortable and confident in this job. Everyone is treated like one of her own family. She is like a mom to the team. She takes a personal investment in each person and does what she can to help them grow and improve.”


“We consider Integrity to be the highest standard to which we aspire. We dedicate ourselves to developing ourselves to developing strong relationships built on Trust, Pride and Loyalty.”

Twenty-four people were nominated for this award. The winner is Jason Newman. Here is what was said about Jason:

“Jason is a hardworking and dedicated employee who will study for hours on his own time, just to make sure the client is happy with every aspect of his work.”


“We welcome and embrace a free community of diverse people bonded by trust, respect and unity.”

Twenty-one people were nominated for this core value and the winner is Paula DuPuis. Her nominators said the following about her:

“Paula has been the president of the Fun Committee this year. She has provided plenty of activities/events for so many people under this roof. She is a great example of Diversity through her ability to respect, understand and enjoy Cayuse Technologies unique diverse workforce. She is always looking for events to give whole company exciting ways to learn more about other countries. As the fun committee chairwoman she introduced activities that span diversity. She’s always donating, giving and participating.”

This story originally appeared in the CUJ. The Confederated Umatilla Journal is the monthly newspaper of the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation in Pendleton, Oregon.