Mission Market to add fuel pumps

Feb 2017, CUJ

MISSION – Fuel pumps, a major remodel, and solar panels are planned at Mission Market aim to make the community store self-sustaining and profitable, according to a report presented in January to the Board of Trustees (BOT) for the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation (CTUIR).

Wildhorse Resort & Casino has been assigned responsibility to prepare a business plan to guide the operated of Mission Market.

Wildhorse Hotel Manager Cal Tyer, working as Retail Strategies Team Leader, said the remodeled store could open in early June with the fuel pumping by mid-July. “That would be the best case scenario,” Tyer said.

Wildhorse was hoping to start earlier but delays in the final approval from the BOT put the schedule four to five weeks behind.

The BOT addressed the first business plan in April of 2016. It included the fuel, which had been outlined in a 2003 feasibility study. Also in the 14-year-old study was sales of alcohol and non-taxed cigarettes.

A draft of the business plan was presented in June of 2016 to the BOT and considered more recommended changes in September of 2016. In October, two budgets were presented to the BOT in a work session.

In November, the BOT adopted a budget for Mission Market to include the sale of fuel and additional grocery and deli items. The plan for the sale of alcohol failed with one vote in support – from BOT treasurer Rosenda Shippentower. Nobody on the Board would touch the cigarette option.

The business plan’s changes are “aimed to increase revenue, improve the image of facility, and to make Mission Market a gathering place for the local community for years to come,” according to the report to the BOT.

Toward that goal, Mission Market through Wildhorse Resort & Casino is requesting funds to move forward with the improvements. It is seeking a 75 percent contribution of the needed total from the CTUIR and 25 percent as a loan. Wildhorse also is requesting a loan payback schedule of seven years with an 18-month delay to provide some time for the plan to start bearing fruit before adding additional payment obligations to the Mission Market budget.

Here’s how the project breaks down:

  • Fuel installation - $485,000
  • 2 or 3 fuel dispensers
  • 3 grades of fuel (diesel, premium and mid-grade)
  • Canopy
  • Removal of center island
  • Remodel - $930,000
  • Removal of awning to open up front of store
  • Expand front of building adding 650 square feet and move an interior wall to add 200 square feet to the sales floor
  • Expand the kitchen
  • Redo bathrooms
  • Additional meat coolers, freezers, and open air containers
  • Energy efficient lighting, windows, and appliances
  • Fuel prices and digital advertising road sign
  • Renewable Energy - $97,000
  • Add solar panels – two locations: roof and fuel canopy
  • TERO fees - $36,000
  • Permits, inspections and contingency - $50,000
  • Total cost of the project - $1,598,000


This story originally appeared in the CUJ. The Confederated Umatilla Journal is the monthly newspaper of the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation in Pendleton, Oregon.