Onshore Business Process Outsourcing to Native American and Aboriginal Canadians

October 21, 2012, Change makers

Accenture partners with American Indians and Aboriginal Canadians to provide low cost, high quality, onshore technology services to North American businesses. Randy Willis, an Accenture Executive and a Native American partnered with Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation in Oregon to create Cayuse Technologies and with the Tsawwassen First Nation in British Columbia to create INDIGENA Solutions. Cayuse and INDIGENA work with Accenture to provide companies with services including software development, call center, and help desk.

Reason: Randy has created an innovation solution that serves both business and community needs. The business model is proven – Cayuse Technology has been in operation since 2006 – and replicable – with INDIGENA opening in 2011. The solution has created over 500 jobs that allows communities to diversify their economy and create jobs that allow people to live and work on or close to their territories. Accenture views these delivery centers as a differentiating component of its global delivery network. With further support from the League of Social Entrepreneurs, this initiative could scale faster creating better business and community outcomes.

Organization: Accenture

First name: Randall

Last name: Willis

City: Atlanta

Country: United States

This story originally appeared on Change makers.