Seeding Success

October 2006, CUJ

Innovative training available for entry level programmers

PENDLETON - Cayuse Technologies is currently seeking to hire 15 to 25 hard-working, self-motivated individuals with an interest in technology. Aptitude and attitude are more important than formal programming experience (although that helps also). One must be willing to live off the Reservation for up to six months for intensive, hands-on training, then be ready to come home and turbocharge CTUIR’s leap into the information economy.

“We’re creating living-wage jobs for American Indians and others in the community, with full- and part-time opportunities,” said Stephen Robinson a senior manager with the management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company Accenture. “We believe Cayuse Technologies’ highly trained knowledgeable workforce will help the Reservation economy to expand and diversify beyond gaming and traditional employment opportunities.”

“One of the best programmers I ever hired was a truck driver. Before I started programming 20 years ago, I sold Sheetrock,” said Robinson, “Credentials are less important than critical thinking and attention to detail. Programmers need to be self-starters.”

One of the most exciting aspects of Cayuse Technologies is the way that these first hires will be hired and trained. Accenture, which is managing Cayuse Technologies’ daily operations, typically hires new programmers from the top 25 percent of the graduating class of four-year computer science degree programs. However, Cayuse Technologies is counting on the aptitude and ability of tribal members and local residents who don’t have that kind of experience. The employment screening will focus on finding people who are excited about learning and open to change.

With a start date in early fall, the first group of software developers will be provided with 4-6 weeks of paid training at a site on or near the Reservation. This initial training will first focus on basic data processing and computer programming concepts. Subsequent to this, they will be introduced to JAVA programming and a more in depth examination of the UNIX operating environment, while having the opportunity to perform hands-on exercises and programming in a very interactive, instructor-led environment.

At the completion of this initial four to six week training they will work at a client location within the United States. This “on-the-job” training will take from six to nine months. It will provide the opportunity to gain industry and technical experience while adding real value to the client and project team where they are working. During this paid “on-the-job” training, living expenses (per diem) as well as travel home every two weeks will be provided.

Upon final completion of the client site training they will return to Pendleton and provide the core foundation for the Cayuse Technologies software development team.

Contact 541-966-2205 for more information about these opportunities.

This story originally appeared in the CUJ. The Confederated Umatilla Journal is the monthly newspaper of the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation in Pendleton, Oregon.